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Welcome to my wacky, wonderful, blessed world where God is my ruler!  It’s my goal to love, laugh and face each moment with all the passion that I can find in me.  Life is hard, and my family is no different than others in that we each have our problems and we lead chaotic lives. But at the end of the day, when we lay our heads down, we know that we have each other, God and lots of Love.  Whoopie Pie Place is my corner of the world to share my love of the Amish world.  A place where you have the opportunity to experience, purchase and taste the talents of my friends in their baking & handcrafting.

All my life I have been an avid reader.  When I discovered my first “plain” book, Sunshine & Shadow, I knew I was hooked.  At that time, Amish fiction was scarce.  Then I discovered Beverly Lewis’ books.  The only problem I had with Beverly was the fact that she couldn’t write fast enough for me.  :-)  I soon ran out of books to read.  I then discovered Wanda Brunstetter and Dale Cramer’s books.  Even at that, I ran out of books.  Needless to say, with all the wonderful Amish Fiction writers available today… I am happy.  I never have to worry about running out of books to read.

My interactions with the Amish world go back approximately 15 years.  My parents introduced me to the Amish culture first hand.  What a delight that was for me to actually experience a culture that I had read so much about.  Through the introduction of an Amish family that my parents had become friends with, a whole new world opened up to me.  A world that has brought me to who I am today… “Whoopie Pie” Pam.  Aptly named by a sweet Amish man who told me that if I ate one more whoopie pie, I would turn into one and I would become fat.  Well, I didn’t turn into one.  As for becoming fat… we will skip that part.  I never dreamed, approximately 9 years ago, that when Schmidt John first called me “Whoopie Pie” Pam, that I would later be selling a collection of books, penned by my own hand, under that trademark name.. “Whoopie Pie” Pam.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. This resulted in a 2 1/2 year battle for me.  Through the surgeries, radiation and treatment, my world changed.  I was no longer an active vital person.  I should clarify that I was no longer active physically but my mind was more active than it had ever been. Not always in a good way.  The emotions from going from an active person to one who barely managed to get out of bed weighed heavily on my mind.  To pass time one evening, I made a list of any Amish fiction book that I could find on the internet.  I took that list and created a spreadsheet and within it I listed the title, author and the sequence these books should be read in if  they were in a series. (Truth be known, I created this list so my mother would stop asking me which book she was to read in a series.  But don’t tell her that!)   After a restless painful night, I walked into our kitchen for a cup of coffee and to take my daily regimen of medicines. My husband had already gone to work so it was just me and my faithful companion Sophia, my Maltese.  At that moment, while looking out our kitchen window, wishing I felt like going out into the sun and taking Sophia for a walk, I have no doubt that God spoke gently to my mind.  I didn’t realize it at first that what I was thinking was from God, because what lay on my mind was to start a Facebook group. A group that I could share my “Big Ole Booklist” (as I had named it) with others who loved Amish fiction as much as I did.  I knew nothing about Facebook other than it was for college students and there were not a lot of good things said about it. But, with my physical body in rebellion against everything that my mind wanted it to do, I used my sedimentary state that day and learned all I could about Facebook before my husband came home from work.  Before nightfall, I had created the Whoopie Pie Book Club.  Prior to cancer, my mother, myself and 3 other ladies used to travel annually to Holmes County, Ohio.  It was our “housewives’ sabbatical”.  Our phones did not work, we didn’t have to do laundry, cook or clean, and we sat around reading any Amish fiction books we could find and eat whoopie pies.  One evening I jokingly started calling us The Whoopie Pie Book Club so, when creating the FB group, I felt that was the most appropriate name for it.  I was, after all, according to John, “Whoopie Pie” Pam. :-)

Today, that book club still exists on Facebook with over 1900 wonderful members. Some are authors.  Some are readers. All are lovers of Amish fiction.  Whoopie Pie Book Club is my ministry.  Not only do I get to share my love for the Amish culture and Amish fiction, I get to share with everyone about my God and what he has done for me.  And most of all.. what he can do for them!  Without him.. I would be nothing.  I would have nothing.  The night that I went to the altar and laid my heart in his hands, asking him to be my God and Savior.. was the best thing that I could have ever done.  His grace is beautiful.  To say that walking a Christian path is easy would be lying.  But, how sweet it is to know that as I take each step, he is holding my hand.

The next journey for me is Whoopie Pie Place.  Although it exists online, a way for me to blog and share with others, it also now exists physically.  In a little quaint town that I call home, Ceredo, WV.  Ceredo is located in the western part of WV.  Ceredo is near the location of the November 14, 1970 plane crash carrying the Marshall University football team. The plane, while attempting to land, crashed on a hillside killing all on board.  The movie, “We Are Marshall” was based on this horrific tragedy.

Whoopie Pie Place is full of some wonderful items crafted or used by friends of mine within the Amish Communities. Delicious foods that you will find in an Amish home.  Whether it be fresh baked bread, scrumptious pies, intricately crafted greeting cards, beautifully woven rugs or delicately stitched quilts, there is something for everyone. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet these wonderful people and to experience their talents first hand.  To me, they are my extended family.

I thank you for reading my story.  I hope as you look through this website or visit our Whoopie Pie Place store,  you will find something that may make you smile. :-)

 ~ “Whoopie Pie” Pam~

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  1. Nancy Wrazen says:

    When will book 3 come out?

  2. patricia says:

    What kind of books do you have? Lately Amish is all I read I get lost in the books and I feel like I was there with each family living their lives…where can I find the recipes?

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