The Promise of Palm Grove ~ Review

FB_IMG_1425208399883Good Morning and Happy SONday!   I spent a little time last evening reading. Ok, to be honest, it was one of those “can’t go to sleep till I finish a book” late nights. “The Promise of Palm Grove” was the book that convinced me to give up my much needed beauty sleep.  And this morning I am glad I did.

I never pass up a Shelly Shepard Gray book and the fact that this one was based in Pinecraft (Sarasota) Florida, the winter vacation spot for Amish & Mennonite made it even more intriguing to me.  I live close to there and since I am new to the area and have been exploring the beauty of it all, it was exciting to read a story that includes many of the places I have visited.

This book drew me in quickly at the rescue of a cat in a tree and held my attention all the way through...

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Tasty Tuesday ~ Chicken Casserole


Tasty Tuesday

With Cindy Linthicum

Introducing you to some interesting cookbooks, recipes, etc found while rambling through Amish country.

Welcome to this week’s Tasty Tuesday recipe. I have another main dish this week out of the Cooking with the Fishers cookbook – “Chicken Casserole” – one that I have actually been served in an Amish home and have fixed myself on several occasions. It’s a great comfort food casserole for the cold winter evenings, and it is also easy to prepare with staples found in your kitchen.


Here’s the recipe for the Fisher’s Chicken Casserole found on page 43:

 2 lbs. (1 quart) cooked chicken (or turkey)

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 cup sour cream

1 stick butter

1 1/2 cups crushed Ritz crackers

Cut the meat into bite-size pieces...

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Carolyn’s Corner ~ Judith’s Place


Welcome to Carolyn’s Corner

Taking life one page at a time in Paradise

Judith’s Place

Diane Craver


Judith’s Place is the second book in Diane Craver’s “Dreams of Plain Daughters” series.

Judith dreams of what her life would have been like had she been born English instead of Amish. She dreams of a higher education. The normal Amish eighth grade education just isn’t enough to satisfy her desire to learn.

Because of Judith’s desire to learn, she puts off joining the Amish faith. She wants to study and pass her GED test before she joins the church, because once she joins she would not be allowed to further her education or she would be shunned. Judith is currently the school teacher for the lower grades of the local Amish school...

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Front Porch Friday ~ Words

FrontPorchFridayWelcome to Front Porch Friday!

You never know what you might hear…

As I enjoy my porch, my heart is troubled with some of the world.  Can we chat about that?  Look around you.  Do you see the beauty that God has created?  It may not be palm trees and crashing ocean waves as I have, it may be the blanket of white snow on your lawn that glistens when the sun hits it.  Even in the cloudiest days, there is beauty.  Why do we tend to always look for the ugly in everything instead of the beauty.  God created both.  For a reason.  I’m not an expert on the exact reason but I have my own thoughts on the subject.  Through the trials he makes us strong.  He sometimes uses our trials for others.  For some, that’s the only thing good they do for others...

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Tasty Tuesday ~ Cheddar Meatloaf


Tasty Tuesday

With Cindy Linthicum

Introducing you to some interesting cookbooks, recipes, etc found while rambling through Amish country.

Welcome to another Tasty Tuesday!


This week’s recipe is what I fixed for our Valentine’s dinner. I tried the Cheddar Meat Loaf out of the Cooking with the Fishers cookbook. The Fishers are local to Lancaster County and have a produce stand during the warmer months in Ronks, PA. And I am truly wishing today would have been from one of those warmer months, because with the wind, cold, and snow, it is brutal outside. Come on spring! At the front of the cookbook, there is a section talking about members of the Fisher family which I found interesting. It’s like they are welcoming you into their home...

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Happy Valentines Day


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Front Porch Friday ~ Battling The Blizzard

As the northeastern part of the United States is being pounded by yet another blizzard ...

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Tasty Tuesday ~ Reese’s Pieces Bars


Tasty Tuesday

with Cindy Linthicum

Welcome to another Tasty Tuesday. This week’s recipe comes out of the Country Blessings Cookbook debuted last week.

Today I made Reese’s Pieces Bars on page 94. Another great recipe using items found in my kitchen. Don’t let the title fool you and put you into a panic – no Reese’s Pieces are needed for this dish.

We love peanut butter and chocolate in my family, so I hoped these would be a hit. And they sure were – more like a homerun. My brother even got seconds and added Turkey Hill Whoopie Pie ice cream on top. That really gave it an extra chocolaty taste.

rpb-1 rpb-3edit

Here’s the recipe for you to give these bars a try:

Reese’s Pieces Bars (Page 94 in Country Blessings Cookbook)

 1 cup butter

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

2 eggs


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Front Porch Friday ~ Life’s A Dance


Front Porch Friday

Bring your favorite beverage, Pull up a chair and let’s chat

There are several songs reminding us that Life is a Dance.  As I see those living in my community of 55+ & older residence, I am reminded of this daily.  Of recent, a chat with one of them brought thought to my mind of what it is to grow old.  He told me that for each day you must dance as though it is your last dance because it could be.  I see so many who are alone, living by themselves, with very few who care for them.  I can’t help but wonder how their lives came to this point.  Do you ever see an elderly person and wonder what their life has been like?  What was their journey?  I love sitting down with them.  Their thoughts and memories are remarkable and quite entertaining...

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SueBelle’s Book Chats ~ 2015

SueBelle Chat 7


2015 Schedule

February 17 ~ A Road Unknown (Amish Roads Series #1) by Barbara Cameron

March 10 ~ Crossroads (Amish Roads Series #2) by Barbara Cameron

March 31 ~ Caroline’s Secret (Wells Landing #1) by Amy Lillard

April 21 ~ The Promise Box (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) by Tricia Goyer

May 19 ~ A Season of Change (Seasons In Pinecraft) by Lynette Sowell

June 23 ~ A Path Made Plain (Seasons In Pinecraft) by Lynette Sowell

More Dates Coming Soon…

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