Dance In The Dark


Sometimes the things that bring the most brightness to us may come at night.  In the dark.  Under the stars.  We tend to always look for answers to our life questions in the daylight.  We don’t always realize that when a good darkness surrounds us, God is still there.  We tend to only seek him if that darkness comes from a bad situation.  As I walked the beach last night in the dark, I was more aware than I’ve ever been that sometimes dark is good.  If you stop, and just listen to what is around you, you can find those things that speak to your heart.  It’s a euphoric moment when you look out over the vastness of God’s creations, hearing the splashing of the waves as they come ashore and realizing that life on this earth can be one of intense pleasure if it begins from within and knowing whom you are. If you are lucky enough to share those moments with a friend who already knows the value in living life, it makes it all the more uplifting and eye opening.

Are things as black and white as we look for them to be? Do we focus more on the way to live than actually living?  Do we walk through each day in the steps that others want us to walk or do we run, skip and dance through the day to our own music?  Love and faithfulness are keys to our heart but we first have to have those for ourselves before we can distribute them to others.  Each of us contributes to a part of this world every single day.  Bringing with us our own song.. our own dance.  Life should not be a constant trial; sometimes it’s a beautiful dance on the beach….  In the dark… Underneath the stars…  to the music of God’s love.

Wanna dance?

Blessings… Pam

4 comments to Dance In The Dark

  • Judy Stacey  says:

    Love to dance! Beautiful words

  • Juanita Cook  says:

    Beautiful words. Thanks for sharing then with us.

  • Bonnie Swiney  says:

    Live life to the fullest each & every day. Sing when u feel like singing, dance when you feel like dancing. Live life for yourself, no one else.

  • Virginia  says:

    hope you dance wherever you are

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