“When I remember You on my bed, I meditate on You in the night watches. For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy.  My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.”  ~ Psalms 63: 6-8

For several years, it seems that God likes to wake me in the early hours of the morning. (as in the 3am-4am hour) With just thoughts, a song, or a scripture.  Sometimes revealing to me things he desires me to know.  He knows at that hour, in the still of the morning,  he has my full attention. Normally I can go right back to sleep.  In the past couple of months, he has been waking me with the song “I Smile” by Kirk Franklin. But not this morning.  This morning it’s “Free” by Zac Brown Band.  I love the Zac Brown Band but I wonder, by pausing to think of the lyrics, why I would be singing that song this morning.  I’ve always loved that song and the romance of it.  Dreaming about that kind of life. But, as always, I try to over analyze things instead of just accepting it. :-)

No we don’t have a
lot of money
All we need is love

we’re Free as we’ll ever be
Just as free
Free as we’ll ever be

(Free by Zac Brown Band)

Thinking on these words, I’m reminded of the Amish and what I have learned from them over the last several years.  Especially the last 2.  So many wonderful friends (mentors) God has placed in my life.  Right now, I miss them dearly.  I would love to be sitting at their kitchen table having a cup of  coffee.  Odd, that’s something I have in common, yet in different ways, with each of my Amish families except for Marlene.  She doesn’t “allow” me to drink coffee because of my cancer.  (ssshh, don’t tell her how much I do drink).  I smile as I think of the evening I heard Naomi ask “Are you Whoopie Pie Pam”?  I was enjoying a delicious meal with friends in her home that she had prepared.  I was so shocked that this beautiful Amish woman knew who I was.  But she did.  From there, a bond was formed.  She’s my “sister” who shares my love for Douwe Egbert Coffee.  And as for Marlene… heaven help me there.  From day one, she began poking “herbs & vitamins” down my throat.  She didn’t want my cancer to return.   I thought she was trying to kill me at first because that barley stuff is by far the nastiest stuff I have ever drank in my life.  But, she knew just what she was doing… she gave my body what it needed to become an active individual again.  Ella… has given me a beautiful quilt with the instructions that I am to wrap myself up in it when I want to feel loved.  There are more stories such as these that my heart holds very dear.  But most importantly, these women and their families taught me the value of life.  It’s not in the money, material possessions or things that we Englishers covet.  It’s much more than that.  Family, God, Love and friendship.  These families live simple lives.  They put God and family above all.  Hard work, fellowship and a simple life.  They don’t fret over what material possessions they do or don’t have.  When they do a job, it’s the quality of the job done that is more important than the money they are paid for it.  They believe God will provide.  And they are right.. he always does.  Especially if we allow him full control of our lives.

Priorities..  that’s where it begins.  Because of these wonderful Amish families, these Amish women who are my “sisters”, I’ve learned to put my priorities in order.  So the song “Free” this morning is my gentle reminder as to what those priorities are.  God, Family, Friends…  those are mine.  What’s yours today?  Are you “of the world” or are you “enjoying the world”?

No we don’t have a lot of money. All we need is love. We’re Free as we’ll ever be. Just as free, Free as we’ll ever be

Blessings…. Pam 

3 comments to Free

  • kathibud5038  says:

    So true Pam the best things in life are free. If you share your Whoopie Pie’s I won’t tell Marlene about the coffee! lol Love & hugs!

  • Jackie McNutt  says:

    thank you for the beautiful reminder that the love of friends and family can do so much to restore us.
    this is a beautiful post.

  • Juanita Cook  says:

    The best things in have have always been free. And your post is a great reminder in case we forget. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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