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Being in Florida, one of the many exquisite sights to see are the beautiful sailboats.  I’ve always found them fascinating and very intriguing – somewhat mysterious in how they glide across the water.

Miriam-Webster describes a Sail as: a large piece of strong cloth that is connected to a ship or boat; it’s used to catch the wind that moves the ship or boat through the water.

There are times in our lives that we need to “set sail” (follow God’s will).  Not necessarily on a boat, but we need to be willing to let God take us where he wants us. How do we prepare for this?

In studying about Paul and his teachings in the Bible we find that he was filled with the Holy Spirit.  He patiently obeyed the Lord and stayed when God placed it upon his heart to stay, and he left and set sail when it was time to go.

“But as he left, he promised, “I will come back if it is God’s will.” Then he set sail from Ephesus.”  ~ Acts 18:21

It is my understanding that in order for a sailboat to maneuver through the waters, the sailor, by changing the rigging and rudder, manages the force of the wind on the sails allowing them to change the direction and speed of the boat.  When looking over “Sailing 101”, I became aware that, just like learning to fly an airplane, sailing is a very complex undertaking.  Not just something you hop in, throw the sails up and take off in without creating havoc.  I recently met a friend who has the desire to own a sailboat.  He explained to me that for him, the first step in owning a sailboat of his own isn’t the actual purchase of the boat, but in learning HOW to operate one.  Smart man! (Don’t tell him I said that) He is spending his spare time from his daily job, reading a sailing manual to prepare him for a sailing course.  Upon completion of that course, he will perfectly select the boat that he wants and begin a new adventure. Because of his diligence to approach it with caution and intelligence, he will be fully prepared for this new exciting journey.  Instead of throwing caution to the wind, (no pun intended… well, maybe a little) he will find enjoyment instead of struggle.

When many give their life to Christ, they begin their journey not fully understanding what it takes to be one of God’s servants. Instead of reading the “manual”, such as my friend is doing for sailing, they want to do it their way.  As Christians, we need to spend time with God (reading our Bible, praying, and listening to him) so we can know, just as Paul did, when to “set sail” and when to stay where we are.  In order for my friend to successfully sail, he cannot have one foot in the boat and one foot on the dock.  In order for God to show us what he has planned for us, we must have both our feet in and firmly planted in our boat. (our daily walk)  Yes, setting sail (following God completely) can be scary.  We will have storms along the way, whether he leads us or not, but if we let him lead and direct the sails of our boat, we know that he will cover us no matter what we go through.  He knows the exact ship that we need and he knows who he’s going to allow to take that trip with us. There’s a world out there that he wants us to see and enjoy. We just have to trust him and jump in with both feet.

Blessings …  Pam

17 comments to Sailing

  • Michelle Dawn  says:

    Lovely blog post as always, Pam!

    • PJarrell  says:

      ;) Thank you

  • Kathy Milburn  says:

    Wonderful blog..Just keep your head above water, and you’ll sail on

    • PJarrell  says:

      Good thing I know how to dog-paddle to keep my head above water Kathy LOL

  • mommalisaof2  says:

    Great post, Friend.

  • Susan  says:

    I love boats & ships . nothing feels better to me than feeling the ocean air onmy face & looking out at the masterpiece the Lord has created.

    • PJarrell  says:

      Well said Susan! Me too!

  • Cathy Cermele  says:

    Just lovely! I’m enjoying your blog very much.

  • Debbie Curto  says:

    great advice!

  • Diane Papke  says:

    i enjoyed your blog very much

  • Debbie Rhoades  says:

    Pam, what a lovely blog post! I love sailboats, and I definitely need to do both feet firmly planted. I have been guilty in the past of wanting to do things my way, and it never works out well. Hugs, Pam. p.s. love the Happy song!

    • PJarrell  says:

      I am so with you in that boat Debbie. :-) I’m thankful that God gives us a “do-over” each morning!!

  • Jon Abbott  says:

    It seems I know a zillion men who buy / restore the boat, move to Florida, and discover their significant other (or they themselves) don’t really enjoy owning a hole in the water in which to pour money. AKA a sailboat.

    Be VERY careful before you get hooked up with someone who doesn’t have a lifetime of sailing experience. Jon

    • PJarrell  says:

      Oh Jon.. I have no intention of getting ‘hooked up’ LOL. I am enjoying learning more about God’s beautiful paradise. It’s truly beautiful and a whole new world here. Thank you so much for the friendship and advice! Glad to know you have my back. :-)

      • Jon Abbott  says:

        Pam, I think I forgot to say how much I enjoy your posts.
        On a separate topic, my wife and I are trying to eat much more healthily, if that is a word. Actually, she always was but now I am too. Small matter of her wanting me to be around for her when we get older; I’m finally paying attention to her about this. Anyway, what I meant to say is just this: I hope there are a few recipes in your upcoming cook book that the cook will cook. Fewer calories. With best wishes, Jon

  • Juanita Cook  says:

    Great blog post. Enjoyed reading it.

  • Cindy Linthicum  says:

    Great post Pam! Enjoy reading your posts. Great to see you back.

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